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Medical Claims Processing There are several health care facilities all over the country, and they receive numerous patients each day for treatment. However, these hospitals have different qualities of services because they employ a labor force with different capabilities. So, it may not be surprising that you get better services in one particular facility than the other because they have varied employee capabilities. An integral part of the medical operations is the medical claim processing. Many people have realized the need of having a medical cover, and it is rare to find an individual without a cover. Whenever patients visit the hospital for treatment, they are sure that the insurance company will cater for such expense and it is, therefore, the duty of the health facility to claim the payment from an insurance company. These are revenues to the hospital, and it is important that there is proper processing of claims so that the payment is made as soon as possible. In processing the medical claim, two major processes are involved – coding and billing. Therefore, some facilities can manage to hire medical billers and coders separately while others that have limited resources may want to employ professionals who can do both billing and coding. Al these options depend on the hospital’s financial capabilities because it would be much expensive to contract two individuals than to have one person who can do all the work.
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Coding is an essential part of the medical insurance claim procedure, and it calls for proper coding of patients that come to the facility. An application may not be successful if coding is not properly done. An insurance company is most likely to deny the claim on the basis that the treatment was not medically necessary. A health center must engage a competent individual who can do the process properly so that remittance of the claim is done in time.
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The next step after coding is billing and its input is the information from coding process. The medical biller uses the codes to fill an insurance claim form. This process is not done on hard copies but in soft copies. He must also make sure that he follows all the guidelines provided by the insurance company for claim submission. Therefore, depending on how the form is completed, the company may decide to reject or accept it. Depending on how billing is done, the company may reject or accept the medical claim payment. However, no human is perfect, and we are likely to commit errors that we did not intend to do; therefore, technology comes in to save the situation by the introduction of medical claim processing software. This software is tailored to process medical claims much easily and faster. This software completes the process much easier to save time, and it is not prone to errors. It reduces medical operating expenses by reducing the number of employees. You can count on its high accuracy levels for successful claims payment. Additionally, it has various features such as a database which contains crucial information necessary for medical claim processing and procedures. It assures accuracy in processing which results in successful medical claims.