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TCJ-WFQ-1000/1300 microcomputer controlled automatic cutting machine

The aircraft with electro-optical tracking, automatically correcting, automatic Jimi few, or magnetic material from clutch control, discharge tension control, simple, stable and reliable operation, and other characteristics. Mainly used for plastic film, cellophane and other sub cut.

Technical parameters
Note WFQ-1000/1300 automatic computer control Slitter
Discharge the largest diameter of 600 mm
Cutting width of the 1100/1400 mm
Correction accuracy of ± 0.5Mm
 Cutting speed at 160 meters / min
20-1000 mm cut-size
380 V voltage
Main Motor slip three kilowatt motor
Appearance size 2200 × 1300/1800 × 1400Mm
Weight 1500 (1800) kg

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