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computer-controlled high-speed Cutting Machine (servo)

Features: The machine for paper, plastic, printing the composite of the horizontal cutting reel material. With
Computer control, frequency control, fixed-length setting, automatic counting, sound and light alarm, computer tracking, automatic correction
Partial functions. Automatic reel material to enhance the structure, to facilitate feeding and rewinding by the magnetic powder brake tension
Control. Whole structure is compact, innovative design, high degree of automation is the composite roll off the printing material
Into a sheet the necessary equipment.

Technical parameters
Technical Specifications
Effective cutting width 1000mm (39 ")
Effective cutting length of 999mm (39 ") long can be customized
Effective Cutting thickness
Plastic 0.1mm-0.5mm
Paper 75 g -450 g
The maximum mechanical speed 110pcs/min
Preparation of electrical machine
Weight 3T
Equipment Dimensions 3950mm × 1900mm × 1500mm
(155 "× 74" × 59 ")

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