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    TCJ-FJ-350/500 type computer-controlled high-speed Inspection Rewinder

    PLC control, easy operator control.
    Human-machine interface makes the operation more simple use.
    Possess the characteristics of the seized goods and retractable roll.
    EPC (servo drive) correction system devices.
    Raw retractable roll recoverable positive / negative direction.
    Retractable material can be positive reversal, the original discharge may become rewinding.
    Memory stop device can be installed, you can immediately go to print anti-defect location.
    Use tension detecting device detection tension, fast response does not mean tension, reduce defective products due to the direct material adverse generated roundness.
    Use of linear bearings to reduce friction generated due to mechanical movement, but also to improve positioning accuracy.


    Machine Model TCJ-FJ-350 TCJ-FJ-500
    Material Width 50-350 mm 50-500 mm
    Rewinding width 350 mm (max.) 500 mm (max.)
    Raw material diameter 600 mm (max.) 600 mm (max.)
    Admission diameter 600 mm (max.) 600 mm (max.)
    Paper tube diameter 3 ", 5", 10 "(optional)
    Machine speed 0-250 m / min
    Voltage 220 ??/ 380V, 3-Phase, 50 / 60Hz

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