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TCJ-GF600-1000 series dry laminating machine

This machine is the main equipment composite packaging materials, machine uses computer joint control, machine, electricity, gas as a whole, the plastic, the composite part is separated from transmission, respectively, by the respective motor drive, using the middle way too textured plastic, implemented by the electrical line speed synchronization control, when the base line of the composite in order to achieve the same speed, and so the substrate is in tension, the amount is limited to control the tension of the substrate, the composite products, such as to achieve the amount of stretch, to facilitate the next process production increased accuracy, the machine comes with the film unwinding correction, the machine has a speed of tension, the pressure and so on.
Special presentation:
The machine has a suitable environment-friendly water-soluble glue composite functions, fundamentally solve the problem of oily glue residue solvent.

Technical parameters:

Description GF600-1000 series dry laminating machine
Composite width 600-1000mm
Composite maximum pressure 10mPa
Total capacity of 70KW
Recombination velocity 5-100M / min
Tension stretch ratio ≤1 / 100
Machine weight about 4 tons
Dimensions 8750 × 1650 × 3400

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