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2XY-G series two layers co-extrusion Rotary Die Film Blowing Machine

For blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and other plastic composite film. Widely used in liquid packaging, printing substrate, export packaging, industrial packaging.

1, the two co-extruded composite film can prolong the shelf life of liquid packaging.
2, extruder barrel and screw are made ??of high quality alloy steel after nitrogen treatment and precision machining, making optimum hardness and durability.
3, auxiliary platform working table for making operation easy and is equipped with bubble circle.
4, coiling device: double, double cross, which adopts torque motor to keep proper tension, winding tidy, changing easy.

Model 2XY-G50 2XY-G55 2XY-G60
Screw diameter ф50 × 2 ф55 × 2 ф60 × 2
Aspect ratio of 28: 128: 128: 1
Diameter of film 80010001200
Single film thickness of 0.015-0.10 0.015-0.10 0.015-0.10
The maximum yield of 406,580
Host power 11 × 2 15 × 2 18.5 × 2
Heating power 263 042
Dimensions 4200 × 2200 × 4000 4600 × 2400 × 4600 5000 × 2800 × 5000
Weight 456

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