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    Spiral on the feeder

    Spiral on the feeder Function and characteristics:
    1、This conveyor is suitable for multiple powdery product, working together with Auger filling machine.
    2、Simplicity of operation is the key element in Screw Conveyor .the only moving part is the motor driven spiral which rotates whin a sealed tube to move the materials along with it.this elminates the need for any additional operating equipment such as fliters or bearings that’s low on installation costs and high on efficiency and performance. as the only part of the Screw Conveyor is its robust inner spiral ,trouble-free operation is ensured.
    3、Hopper is separate from twisting shaft. Structure is reasonable and easily loading and unloading.
    4、In order to convenience machine cleaning, following functions are added in: auger can reverse for emptying the tube, product discharge gate is mounted in the bottom of the funnel, auger can be disassemblied for washing.

    Spiral on the feeder  Specifications: Model:TL-S3 Charging Capacity:3 cbm/hr. Powder Supply:1KW Diameter of pipe:φ114mm Hopper Volume:230L Power Supply:3P 380V 50/60Hz Total Weight:180kg Overall Dimensions of Hopper:1100×860×900mm Charging Height:General1800mm,Different feeding height could be designed

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