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    Screw feeder

    1, the screw conveyor for conveying a variety of powder, granular and other materials, can be measured with the screw machines.
    2, flexible spiral conveyor is the only moving part, no matter long on long-distance transportation, pipeline and other sports are not bearing
    Components, so the conveyor reliable, require little maintenance, does not occur, such as pollution, transportation of materials bearing grease such problems.
    3, the feed box and the auger designed to separate, reasonable structure, loading and unloading easy. Dust unique design, the bearings from dust pollution.
    4, no dead ends, easy to clean up residual material. Angle connection arc transition, only a few minutes a person will be able to conveyor disintegration of cleaning work.

    Technical parameters:


    Feeding rate
    3-5m3 / h
    Hopper capacity
    230 l
    Three-phase 380V 50/60Hz
    Total Power
    Feed box appearance: 1100 × 860 × 900mm
    Feeding height: a gate from the ground: 1800mm (others can be set according to customer requirements) 

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