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    powder packaging production line

    Powder packaging production line Characteristics: 
    ① to the packaging process of the dust collection features automatic. 
    ② Department automatically cleaning dust seal to ensure a solid seal appearance. 
    ③ bag automatically detect the availability of materials, and air bags do not seal. 
    ④ pocket is not open, materials are not released. 
    ⑤ excess air from bags. 
    Packaging process: automatic check bags - open bag (Print Date) - Filling (measurement) - dust - heat sealing (exhaust) - output products. 
    Powder packaging production line Specifications:

    Rotary packing machine、Liquid (hydro mass) measurement machine
    Suitable scope
    Detergent, Vinegar, Fruit juice etc.
    Bag type
    Stand-up bag, Zipper bag, Plane bag etc.
    Bag size
    W:100-200mm L:100-300mm
    Packing weight
    Packing Accuracy
    25~45Bags/Min ( The speed depends on the
    product status and filling weight )
    3Phase  380V  50HZ/60HZ
    Total power
    Compress air
    0.6m3/min(supply by user)
    1、According to the customer request, provides the special design.
    2、The machine disposition may make the choice.

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