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TCJ-WFQ1100 / 1300 / 1500B Series High Speed Slitting Machine

The machines can be used cellophane, BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, aluminum foil, paper and adhesive film with the various points of the volumes.
     New features
Shoufang volumes of the tension optional flexible, more conducive to all kinds of Web-film material at the cutting operation
Shoufang optional gas volumes rose axis, and ensure the stability and life of machinery
Different characteristics of the film materials, add special allocation model to ensure that all sub-quality special aerodynamic design of back-pressure so that the sub-species Blanchett / hard at cutting the film material, handy
     Basic functions
Control system focused on the body, the high degree of automation, flexible operation
Third Bridge on raw materials used in Japan as part of the fundamental LPC automatic system or Taiwan JIN, S EPC system and the choice of photoelectric corrective domestic simulation system
Selection of Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation, PLC systems and human-computer interface for control
The main driver for using AC inverter
Equipped with disc-cutter and knife, according to the user the option of using different materials
Equipped with devices to eliminate static electricity
All guided round of the import and use of domestic famous Bearing
  Optional mechanical slip to reel winding tension of automatic taper, all kinds of materials is conducive to the resumption Vol. Tension-volume imports of used automatic tension.

Technical parameters
Machine Model
The largest diameter membrane
  ф1000 mm
  ф1000 mm
  ф1000 mm
- Cut the original width of the largest volumes
Cutting width of the membrane
In diameter at the largest volumes
  ф600 mm
  ф600 mm
  ф600 mm
Mechanical speed
  0 ~ 200m/min
  0 ~ 200m/min
  0 ~ 200m/min
Correcting errors
  ± 0.5mm
  ± 0.5mm
  ± 0.5mm
Dominate the way
  PLC + man-machine interface
  PLC + man-machine interface
  PLC + man-machine interface
Tension Control
  Taper automatic adjustment
  Taper automatic adjustment
  Taper automatic adjustment
For the fundamental way
  Analog control photoelectric
  Analog control photoelectric
  Analog control photoelectric
  3200 kg
  3600 kg
  4000 kg
Appearance size (L × W × H)
  3000 × 2300 × 1400
  3200 × 2500 × 1400
  3400 × 2700 × 1400
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