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The Need for Vulnerability Assessment and DDoS Protection The National Vulnerability Database recently reported that new computer vulnerabilities are increasing at an alarming rate, such that there are 394 of these were discovered in which 140 were considered high severity vulnerabilities. With this development, the need for vulnerability scans must be installed to ensure that your site remains protected at all times. It is also recommended to run the vulnerability scan at least every quarter after moderate or larger updates have been loaded to your site, to check if new vulnerabilities have been introduced. The damages that hacking can bring to your site is disturbingly affecting your lost revenues and expenses for the repair, yet this is not even enough to truly quantify the damages done. And not only that, if your site is reported to contain malware or cross site scripting vulnerabilities, current browsers will warn customers to stay away from your site, and this can produce a negative impact on your SEO ranking and may even experienced being quarantined in the search results. Hackers are after your data, bandwidth, or after gaining access to your customer’s accounts. Given that a hacker has successfully accessed into your system, he will then install backdoor programs to allow him future access even if you have installed a vulnerable software. The most dangerous hacker is one who has a grudge against your company because he can infiltrate your system with the objective of causing as much damage to your business as possible, destroying your data and reputation in the process.
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Another form of computer vulnerability that aims in rendering a computer source either unable or crippling the user accessibility is referred to as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. They are organized attempts to make a website or service malfunction or cause sufficient downtime temporarily or permanently. Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks target the following entities: financial and banking institutions, online e-commerce establishments, news and media sites, online gaming sites, the public sector, and, lately, government agencies.
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Without employing a high-capacity, stable and secure internet channels, specialized software solutions and distributed hardware equipment, it will be difficult to eradicate DDoS Attacks. With the financial difficulty of financing a complete set-up just to remove DDoS Attacks, it is more viable to engage the services of companies, who have the competence and the technological development to provide DDoS protection to your business site. There are now companies who has the competence of developing the technology and infrastructure to provide DDoS protection to website owners, such that the website continues to operate online even under the severest DDoS Attacks. The efficient manner of immediate elimination of DDoS attempts or DDoS prevention, right after ordering their DDoS protection, is a vantage point of service companies who are confident in the effectiveness of their product.